Progressive pick cylinders x 2
  • Progressive pick cylinders x 2

Progressive pick cylinders x 2

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A pair of progressive pick cylinders, plus bump key



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2 x double ended, repinned practice cylinders, to help you improve your locksport/ locksmith skills.


The idea is you start with cylinder 2 and progress to cylinder 5 which is a fully loaded 5 pin cylinder containing security pins.


The first cylinder has 2 and 3 chambers loaded.

The second cylinder has 4 and 5 chambers loaded.

These cylinders are also stamped to allow for easy identification, along with their working key.




Each cylinder side contains security spools pins and also barrel pins to test your skills




You will also receive a 5 pin bump key to practice on each cylinder, please note the bump key is made from nickel plated brass and as such will not last as long as our professional steel bump keys





Each cylinder will come with a working key for both sides.


Please note these cylinders are anti-drill aluminium cylinders (double) gold enamel, and to be used purely for lock picking practice and not to be used for security purposes.